"Dave runs an amazing program and I most definitely learned a lot that can be applied immediately.”
CNet executive

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could describe your company or product in the same, benefit-oriented terms? How many times have you heard babble like this: "We are a next generation B2B ISV developing robust, scalable, secure solutions for the XYZ industry." So what? What's needed is a clear, compelling elevator speech.

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What's an elevator speech?
Imagine you step into an elevator and in it is one of the captains of your particular industry. He is alone. As the elevator doors close, you have an opportunity to explain your company, your opportunity, yourself and why he should pay attention—but only for thirty seconds or so. You have to grab his interest before the doors open again. That's an elevator speech.

Many executives can explain what their companies do in a forty-five–minute PowerPoint presentation, but you don't always have that much time to grab someone's interest.

So what does DASH Consulting do?
We help companies develop clear, concise explanations that meet the "So What? Who Cares?" test. We interview company executives and in many cases use videotape to capture the right language—language that's the most critical component in effectively selling your product, service or company.

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