"We benefited greatly from Dave’s training and I was again very pleased with the top quality work he did.” Dwango Wireless executive

How do people describe you?
One of my former bosses once wrote to a client and said, "Dave is smart, funny and gets things done." I kind of like that.

What's your business philosophy?
I learned a long time ago that excellence in business dealings comes down to integrity and hard work. When those two elements are present, results aren't far behind.

How do you work with clients?
My aim is be a trusted advisor who's objective, honest and a virtual member of your company. The best relationships have good chemistry and open communication—those are the ones I like best. There isn't much rocket science to strategic public relations. You define who you want to reach and what you want them to do, and then put together programs to get you there. However, it takes discipline, dedication, and a sense of humor.

Do you have favorite business books?
I have two: Good to Great by Jim Collins and The Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni. Collins' research established that truly great companies are focused and, in many cases, not glamorous at all. And Lencioni's fable should be required reading for any manager because we all succumb to at least one of the temptations.

What's the worst thing anyone ever said about you?
After I wrote a controversial newspaper column, one guy wrote me a letter that began "Hey stupid" and got progressively worse. I still have it—it's on my bathroom wall.

Name one book that changed your life.
Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. A white man disguises himself as a black man in the 1950s and writes about how he was treated. Amazing.

What's something about you even your friends don't know?
I once posed nude for a college art class—and fell asleep! The professor had to wake me up because the class was over.

When are you happiest?
When I'm hanging out with my wife and children—no question.

What's your favorite all-time movie?
The Usual Suspects—Kevin Spacey at his absolute best.  

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